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MachoPoni: A Prance with Death
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MachoPoni: A Prance with Death

Lotus Rose

It's "My Little Pony" ... BIZARRO style! A long time ago Poniworld was split in two. On one side of the Jagged Line is the Pastel Kingdom, a magical land of music, parties, and positivity. On the other side of the Jagged Line is the Dark Kingdom inhabited by an army of undead ponies. Every pastel poni knows never to cross the Jagged Line into the Dark Kingdom. For if a pastel poni crosses that line, its colorful skin and hair will fade to a lifeless gray. It will lose its passion for singing and dancing. It will become one of the undead ponies. But one pastel poni has no choice but to enter the Dark Kingdom. His name is Machoponi-the wildest, friendliest, purplest, and, of course, the most macho of all the ponies. He must travel through the Dark Kingdom in order to rescue Dust, the poni he loves, from the dark princess's castle. Along the way, he must use wit, creativity and his bouncy blue ball to survive the Village of the Cuddlebears (who have porcupine quills and are not very cuddly), the Valley of the Flutterfly Ponies (winged ponies who have forgotten how to fly and bounce on a giant trampoline), and the Territory of the Chill-Aid Man (a giant anthropomorphic pitcher of red liquid who has the desperate need to punch through walls). A twisted parody of My Little Pony, The Care Bears, and other '80s childhood staples.

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