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Trueheart Brony: A Definition of Love and Tolerance
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Trueheart Brony: A Definition of Love and Tolerance

Brendon D Craig

You have probably heard about Bronies online, but who are we? Where did we come from? We are more than a simple fanbase, more than a small group of adults that like a tv show. We are a culture that is growing at such a rapid pace that it's more than likely you know a Brony! Bronies, are you tired of trying to explain yourself? Or do you find it difficult? You might be new to this and want to learn more. This book is an informational book for those who want to learn more about us. It is also an inspirational book for Bronies and Pegasisters on simple ways to lessen stress in your life and ways to cope with haters. ****10% of all profits from this book go to****

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