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Bisexual Male
Brony Passions Members

  • bottomhere371
  • I want to meet people I have a big heart
  • 39 years old | Akron, OH, USA

  • nocte98
  • Hi I'm Nocte,I like cooking,writing,digging through dirt or the internet and just being weird and creative in general. Looking for friends but I'm also hoping to find something deeper with someone as well. Really just looking where my experience on this site takes me.
  • 22 years old | Waco, TX, USA

  • loudanproud
  • Pinky Pie is best pony Pinky pie is what made me fall in love with the show. I dont really care for season 4 as much after Twilight became a princess but I still love the show.
  • 33 years old | Virginia Beach, VA, USA

  • draggo2
  • I am a mechanic, ride motercycles, love mlp, am a furry. Am looking for anyone interested or open to me interests
  • 19 years old | Airway Heights, WA, USA

  • kir0s
  • 27 years old | Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

  • sebastianm
  • 21 years old | Harris, TX, USA

  • hoztilemanikyn
  • Soldier/Technician/Musician/Juggalo/Whovian
  • Soldier/Technician/Musician/Juggalo/Whovian CompTIA A+DC Circuit Certified, Freelance EDM producer,
  • 26 years old | Kellyville, OK, USA

  • jayke309
  • 28 years old | Ponchatoula, LA, USA

  • tiagofer
  • A good friend
  • I'm a Jack of all Trades type guy.

    I love music, sciences, maths, programming, computers, nature and overall everything

    Basically, I'm a nerd and a geek

    I've been a bony for over seven years however in all this time, I've never met another brony in person. That's why I came here. Hopefully, I'll be able to find someone who lives close to me and we can meet up and chat...

  • 24 years old | Alverca, Portugal

  • herkimerdiamond
  • I am a fun, kind and funny. I am looking for a male or female who likes to also have fun and enjoy time together
  • 29 years old | Surprise, AZ, USA

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